Hello! Welcome to Iris Lim's portfolio site.


I'm a game designer with 7 years of professional game industry experience. My expertise is in rapid prototyping, narrative design, level design & game scripting but I enjoy animating as well. Games to me is more than just entertainment, it is also a teacher and a medium that brings people from all walks of life together. During my career break, I realized I really did love my job as a game designer and producer. I enjoy the challenge of taking a concept and transform into tangible, actionable tasks to finally shipping the product, watching people play games. Hire me! :)

Awakening Kingdoms (2013)
Role: Designer 

Commercial Projects

Where I explore indie games, practice the craft of game making, dabble in pixel art and animation. Usually paired up with another person, I mostly focus on creating small but fun designs that a 2-person team can complete within a short amount of time (typically 48hours / 78hours).

Personal Projects